Jul 24

Nerf Bars

Nerf Bars


Finally got the Nerf Bars installed, had to pick one of the hottest days of the year but got it done.
The first side, drivers side, was a bear. Couldn’t get to one of the bolts to tighten, one nut came stripped, and being the first side I thought I wasn’t ever going to get finished.

Took a break before I started the second side and wasn’t sure I was going back out and finish today! Forced myself to after getting something to eat and drink, I was starting to crash and had the shakes.

Anyway, got the second one done without a hitch and it told considerably less time.

I like the looks, but really got them to make it easier for Linda to get in and out.


Installed 7/24/14

Installed 7/24/14


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Jun 27

Couple of items

STILL loving the Element :-)

Checked everything under the hood and other than changing the air filter alls good. Hard to believe the cars in as good of shape as it is (knock on wood).

Installed an OBD II engine diagnostic gismo and it’s working pretty well. I’m still going through various android apps to see which one I like the best, but this sure was a lot cheaper than the $100 + solution.


Seats had some wear, drivers side closest to the door was starting to crack and a seam on the passenger’s side had ripped. I purchased some tape at REI that’s for repairing tents etc. Put the tape on so it wouldn’t get any worse and ordered some seat covers from Coverking. The tape worked like a champ, especially on cloth, and the covers are suppose to fit well so I’m looking forward to those being deliveredĀ and putting them on.


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Jun 22

Built, installed a simple cup holder

Love our Element but the cup holders are terrible! They are on the floor and I almost have to reach back to see/get anything. Almost have to take your eyes off the road, and they’re only about an inch and half deep.

So……….Since I’m not sleeping :-) I have too much time to come up with “little” projects.

Getting ready for ver 1.1 soon :-)

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